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Our Complex traditionally hosted Dream Team on Wednesday evening. Regardless the approaching autumn, many participants showed up being joined by those who returned from RIO where they accompanied our Belarusian athletes. Even marathon participant Olga Mazurionok, who took the 5th place in the Olympic Games was present. We decided to greet them with hot tonic teas in the Wings sports bar to warm them up before the penultimate training session.

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Workouts energized the celebrity athletes, since they were held by our own fitness instructor Ksenia Deryabina, who is a Master of Sports in Sports Aerobics, a participant and a winner of the World Cup Series and European Championships, repeated Belarusian champion, participant of The Great Race TV project.

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Ksenia warmed up not only the muscles of the Dream Team, but also the parquet flooring of Falcon Club Arena. Cheerful and somewhat tired participants of the project ran their standard distance.

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