This metropolitan venue is capable to worthily host an event of any complexity: a show, a loud concert or a luxurious banquet, and turn it into something bright and, most importantly, comfortable both for spectators and organizers. This is about Falcon Club Arena. Olga Sharova, Head of the Event Department, makes a small tour of it for us.

Over the past year, Falcon Club Arena hosted many diverse events. They showed that both organizers and spectators like this venue for good reason.

The concert of American Singer LP (Laura Pergolizzi) became a momentous event for the Arena. And we are always glad to welcome internationally recognized performing artists. It was a completely sold-out performance with the configuration of the hall: bleacher seats + dance floor.

Shows are one of our favorite formats. This year, due to the Brand Fashion Show, we showed a configuration of the hall: catwalk + stalls, comfortable to fashion fans and designers.

Banquet and reception events always look luxurious at Falcon Club Arena. We are almost the only ones in the city, who can seat 800 people at the round tables in a modern classic interior at the same time. HOG, the large-scale biker season closing, is an outstanding example.

From shows to sports events

The Arena provides for various configurations of the auditorium in advance, which allow hosting events of different formats: concerts, business forums, conferences, sports and entertainment events, banquets, receptions and much more.

Such a set of events is possible mainly because of the feature of Falcon Club Arena, having the area of 1980 m2, – its multifunctionality. It is designed according to international standards and equipped with motorized bleacher seats.

The bleachers, fully extended, make it possible to seat up to 3,500 people in the hall.

The performing artists are taken care here as well: there are eight make-up rooms with a shower cabin in each.

The spectators can appreciate the excellent sound: sound absorbing panels are installed along the perimeter of the hall to improve acoustics.

The Arena has three types of flooring and a scoreboard with an integrated LED screen for sports events, and a curtain system for theatrical events.

Modern concert equipment

We cooperate with professionals in the field of sound rental and offer our Lessees a technical set for organizing a concert event: sound, light, a screen, and a modular stage. We also understand that the Performing Artist, whom we receive, is focused on SOLD OUT in our venue, which means about 3,500 people. The Performing Artists, who expect such attendance, usually tour with their Production. And it is both our advantage and disadvantage because there is no need to dismantle the local equipment.

The Arena is a part of a modern complex, which comprises Falcon Club, with the following facilities located in its territory: Cinema Boutique, Fitness Club, SPA, Tennis and Squash Academy, restaurants and bars, as well as the Marriott hotel, which is an advantage among other venues, due to the fact that we can welcome the most honored guests and performing artists in our complex, offering a set of services within one location. It’s very convenient.

We are working on a fruitful concert season and on the development of private events. And, of course, Falcon Club Arena is and will always be one of the best sports venues. Badminton competitions within the 2nd European Games 2019 will be held at our Complex.

The 2019 season will be eventful! Let’s meet at the venue!

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