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On the eve of the major planet-wide event – the Olympic Games – Falcon Club Sports & Entertainment Complex could not stand on the sidelines and celebrated the International Olympic Day in the company with the women’s national basketball team.

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"We could not help joining the Olympic movement – the spirit of the Games can already be felt in the air. The names of the athletes who are going to Rio to defend the national colors pop up with ever-increasing frequency. On Sunday, at the qualification round, the national basketball team won the right to participate in the main sports tournament of the quadrennium and this is a cause for true celebration for Belarus and for our complex. We hope that, in future, the team will play their games on the floor of Falcon Club Arena and today we were glad to congratulate the girls on their achievements and to receive a memorable souvenir from them, which by the way we have already placed in our sports bar," said Renatas Nacajus, Director of Falcon Club Sports and Entertainment Complex.

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Immediately after returning from the Olympic qualifications, the best basketball players in the country visited Falcon Club, assessed the capacity of the multifunctional Arena and opened the Hall of Fame in Wings sports bar. The jersey of the team with the autographs of the renowned basketball players became the first sports decoration to cheer up the fans and visitors of the sports & entertainment complex. This symbolic event is to set up a good tradition of Falcon Club sports & entertainment    complex where all athletes who contribute to sports development are welcome, will always find support and be met as honorary members of the club.

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