On February 23, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique hosted the premier screening of the film Jackie. The film brought together Minsk women not only to explore the work of Pablo Lorrain, but also to discuss the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, rate Natalie Portman’s performance and find out if any woman would behave like the US First Lady at the film key moment.


Film expert Igor Sukmanov and publisher of W.Story magazine Vera Kamenkova introduced the film to the guests. The experts spoke about the choice of topic, the selection of the production team and the detailed development of the outfits for Natalie Portman who played the leading role. Jackie is one of the main movies of the awards season with 42 prizes and 88 nominations by January 2017. The film won two Golden Osella awards at the Venice Film Festival for Best Screenplay. The American biographical drama film was also nominated for three Oscars: Best Actress (Natalie Portman), Best Costume Design, Best Soundtrack.


After the viewing, the guests stayed for a discussion. TV host Anna Bond, business lady Olga Kachalova, publisher of a glossy magazine Vera Kamenkova, rhythmic gymnast Ekaterina Galkina and TV host Ekaterina Rayetskaya were among the speakers. The ladies were really impressed by the film and shared their opinion with the other viewers.