Spring season of a signature project Hall №4 starts off with the show of a Dutch comedy-drama titled The King of the Belgians. The film was presented within the framework of Horizons program in Cannes and is one of the favorites of the 73rd Venetian Film Festival. Many viewers didn’t even get a chance to see The King of the Belgians by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth at their first attempt.

By tradition, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique offers its format of an unconventional film made in a form of a fake documentary. Film expert Igor Sukmanov will accentuate the details and share his review of the film with the guests of the film show. Artiom Khamitsevich, sommelier of Falcon Club, will help the guests select the mood, entourage and taste accompaniment for the film. Get familiar with this time’s expert choice on March 16 at 19.00. Film discussion with tea and treats will take place at the end of the film show in Oscar Lounge. Tickets to a special show are already available. A limited number of tickets (31 pcs) to the film show is available for sale. The tickets can be purchased on-line and at the counters of Cinema Boutique. Regular film release will take place till March 29. 


The ironic and slightly absurd motion picture The King of the Belgians is the fourth collaborative film project by Peter Brosens and Jessica Hope Woodworth and their first comedy. The plot is tied around the official visit of King of Belgium Nicholas III, to Turkey, where, as part of a cultural exhibition, he proposed to erect an exact copy of his amusement park. But the fate changes plans, because at this moment Wallonia proclaims its independence and overthrows the monarchy. And in order to restore the downtrodden justice, the King orders a film about himself and the charms of monarchical power to a talented documentarian Duncan Lloyd, who must make a masterpiece about the Nicholas’ return home, but by land, through Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria ... In a nutshell, the King repeats the way of migrants of the Middle East, wishing to settle in Europe.