Many Minskers came to see Paradise directed by Andrey Konchalovsky instead of a romantic movie on St. Valentine’s Day. Sneak preview of a motion picture took place in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique within the framework of Hall №4 project and triggered a long discussion among the audience.  

The film tells the story of a Russian aristocrat, participant of the French Resistance Olga. The Nazis arrested a woman for harboring Jewish children. In prison, French collaborator Jules was taken with Olga and was prepared to help her get out of prison in exchange for sexual relations. But the situation is changing rapidly, and Olga finds herself in a concentration camp, where she meets German officer Helmut, who has long been in love with her.

The topic chosen by the director is complicated and controversial. Andrei Konchalovsky commented on his work at a press conference timed to the film premiere: "My main task is to show you how dreadful it is when a person is confident that he is right. This terrible self-deception pushes so many people to do evil things, for they are absolutely sure that they do good. The subject of the Holocaust is very complex. But, when we are not talking about physical suffering, but rather about spiritual violence, crime against the soul which is the most horrendous thing of all and it is very difficult to convey this idea. Therefore, the most terrible moments of Dante's hell are not the ones that show physical sufferings of the people, but the ones that show their emotional torture".

To the audience of Falcon Club the film was presented by renowned Belarusian film critic Lyudmila Sayenkova at a sneak preview of the movie within the framework of Hall № 4 project. By tradition, sommelier Artiem Khamitsevich helped convey the mood of the film by selecting Pinot Noir - favorite wine of Yulia Vysotskaya who played the main character: "When it comes to the complex, unpredictable, unobvious items from the world of wine, the idea of the red wine from Burgundy arises on its own. For centuries this wine has proved that no color saturation, or the power of aroma or the degree of intoxication can ever be more important than the thought. The wine is pale in color, while in its fragrance it opens with a hint of cherry, raspberry and red currant. Also you can notice the fragrance of forest herbs and elegant shades of short oak exposure. You might feel light spicy aftertaste, and a hardly noticeable hope that this dialogue with wine will continue.”

The film will be on at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique from February 14 to February 28. Each member of the audience will receive a glass of complimentary wine selected for this film by the sommelier of the Complex.

For amateurs of creatively different movies Hall № 4 recommends for watching the following motion pictures in February and March: Lion, Paterson, Moonlight, Tony Erdmann, The Salesman, Trespass against Us, If I Were a Man, Voyage of Time, King of the Belgians, Hidden Figures.

Hall №4 is a new creative space that is designed to unite fans of art house, art films and documentary films. This compact hall which can seat 31 viewers, was not chosen by chance - it is believed that figure 4 can put ideas into shape, can materialize them and bring your ideas to life. All these significations are very important in filmmaking. Another feature of film screening format of Hall №4 project is the gustatory accompaniment - specially-selected wine for each film.

Project partner - «ART Corporation.».