The New Year’s spirit gets stronger each day and the world cinematography adds up to it. Bazelevs Production presents a Timur Bekmambetov comedy Yolki 5. The Very Same Yolki. The prerelease of what has now become a traditional New Year’s movie will take place on December 20 at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. The prerelease will be attended by the guest star Aleksandr Golovin who played the Snowboarder Dimon Fomenko in the movie.

Both residents and guests of the capital city have the opportunity not only to watch Yolki 5 before the wide release of the movie but also to talk to the actor Golovin personally on the prerelease day. You can purchase the tickets to the exclusive show that will take place on December 20 at 19.00 at the website falconclub.by/elki5 and in the box offices of Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

For those who cannot attend the prerelease, the well-received New Year’s comedy will be available from 22 December – falconclub.by/elki

The movie once again revolves around the belief in miracles, which you can make come true on your own, “Father Frost helps those who help themselves!” The sequel stars all the beloved characters. Boris with the help of his friend Zhenya tries to win back the love of his son and wife. The womanizer Andrey has settled down but proved to be a jealous man, will the wife fall in his trap? The Skier and the Snowboarder found themselves girlfriends but only video games are on their minds. Where can New Year trees be found to celebrate the holiday with the beloved person as custom has it? Kostya firmly beliefs that how you celebrate New Year’s Eve will dictate the course of the next 12 months, and therefore does his best to keep Zhenechka on the oil rig in the middle of the sea, as she made up her mind to marry another man. Granny Manya knows that you can find anything and anyone on the Internet even your first love but who will teach her how to use the worldwide web?! Grown-up Varya and Viva will gladly help and, who knows, a romantic spark might run between those two. Generations change, Yolki stay!

Distributor: Bazelevs Distribution