On March 28, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique brought together high-ranking guests, representatives of the art community for the pre-premiere screening of the film About Love. The film was introduced by Director Vladimir Bortko, who created the loved-by-many films Heart of a Dog, Taras Bulba, the TV series The Idiot, The Master and Margarita, Peter the Great: The Testament.

Pictures by Ilya Sadovskiy (relax.by)

The new film About Love by Vladimir Bortko tells the story of Nina from Saint Petersburg – a student, the wife of a young good-looking professor, who speaks Chinese and knows Tianxia doctrines, probably, better than Russian social realm. Nina believes that marital fidelity and humility is what love means. However, everything changes with a new man in her life.

In Cinema Boutique from March 30.