Falcon Club Cinema Boutique — is a cozy cinema boutique for cineastes and comfort-lovers, created with the focus on an intellectual repertoire and modern cinema equipment. It is a place where an ordinary trip to the cinema turns to be a pleasant event.

Opening hours (+375 44 771 01 71):
Monday - Friday: 17:30–00:00
Saturday - Sunday: 13:00–00:00


8 cozy cinema with a capacity of 15 to 109 seats will appeal to adults, couples of lovers, groups of friends, families with children. The total number of seats is 272. Cinema Boutique halls are equipped with soft leather recliners and sofas for two and soft warm colors prevail in the interior design. The cinema complex presents a new cinema generation – a 4D D-Box hall, where 16 recliners are synchronized with the screen ensuring a total immersion into events on the screen. For couples in love the Cinema Boutique offers 3 halls with Love Seats (2 halls with recliners 1 standard hall).


D-Box Hall

A unique 4D cinema in Belarus equipped with special D-BOX recliners which synchronize the on-screen motion with the movement of recliners. The main peculiarity of B-BOX recliners is the ability to vibrate and to tilt in different directions while watching a movie. For adjustment of the sensitivity level every D-BOX seat armrest has a control menu where it is possible to choose one of three modes or to completely deactivate the seat. The innovation technology operates only in 150 cinemas world-wide, inclusive of Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.


Technical Equipment

Silver screens

«Silver screens», named so because of silver content provide for a high definition and contrast of a video image. The realistic quality of the image is transmitted by Barco DP4K projector – the brightest projector in its class having 4K resolution.


Realistic picture quality provides Barco DP4K projector - the brightest projector in its class with a 4K resolution.

The Dolby Atmos

The Dolby Atmos system enables seeing movies with original sound and live colors from any seat in the hall. Sound generation is formed directly in the hall in a real-time mode using the acoustic systems installed.


Cozy cafes and bars are located at Cinema Boutique, where you can spend time before and after the film show. Oscar Lounge – an atmospheric bar in the Cinema Boutique, where you can relax from the bustle of city life or spend time discussing movies and enjoying the Falcon Club Chef’s special food-sets. Falcon Coffee – a cozy Falcon Club coffee bar with delicious coffee and a wide selection of desserts to fit every taste. In cashier zone you can get tasty popcorn, nachos and a wide selection of sweets.

Food Sets

In Falcon Club food sets were created in accordance with different preferences, so every visitor will be able to select his own option. Compact cinema halls №1, 2, 7 with a small number of seats and wide passes allow waiters to serve visitors, without interfering film watching. Food sets are not allowed to be taken to the hall №8 because of special effects. You can still take popcorn, nachos and drinks.


The open car park at the sports and entertainment complex Falcon Club and indoor heated parking for 284 cars are available for the visitors of the Cinema Boutique.



FALCON CLUB CINEMA BOUTIQUEis entitled to do the following: 
• to prevent spectators from watching movies if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 
• if required, to request from spectators documents confirming their right to attend cinema and video shows free of charge or by tickets sold at a reduced price as well as the documents confirming their age or the age of the minor accompanied by them.

Ticketing and access to the hall are carried out with reference to the age limit of the movie viewing audience which is stipulated on the basis of a relevant index (hereinafter – index of a film) assigned to the movie in accordance with the procedure established by the Law:
• «0/0+» – no age restriction;
• «*/12+» – children under 12 accompanied by a parent or a teacher are allowed to watch a movie;
• «**/14+» – children under 14 accompanied by a parent or a teacher are allowed to watch a movie;
• «***/16+» – a movie is allowed for broadcasting to spectators over 16;
• «****/18+» – a movie is allowed for broadcasting to spectators over 18.

Falcon Club
Cinema Boutique