Irina Rakhley

  • Instructor of group trainings, personal trainer

Education: Belarusian National Technical University (Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty)

Further education: Hatha yoga instructor training courses at the Belarusian State University of Physical Education.

Achievements: certified hatha yoga instructor, yoga therapist, since 2016 certified teacher in yoga in the air, myofascial release using a hammock, instructor in the Pilates system, instructor in group gymnastics programs for pregnant women, certified teacher in air yoga for children, teacher family yoga, energy therapist.

Courses / seminars: Seminars of the International Fund “Art of Life” on stress relief and emotional management, Training in the professional school for training instructors of the Republic of Belarus “Grantello Fitness School” on the topic “Fitness and Pregnancy”, course of perinatal practice “The Art of Birth” of a certified teacher of hatha yoga, prenatal and child yoga, therapist Maria Shishkina, Workshop on the topic "Features of training with pregnant women" certified trainer for working with pregnant Irina Klimova (Russia.), energy training courses “Touch of the Heart” and “Awakening” massages for massage by an energy therapist, pranachiller Akasha Singh, Artyom Frolov's seminar “Spinal Yoga”, a course on yoga basics “Yoga Alphabet”. certified teacher of hatha yoga, prenatal and child yoga, yoga therapist Maria Shishkina, training for teachers “Yoga in the air. Basic ”with the right to conduct group and individual yoga classes in the air (Certificate of the International Academy of Air Yoga), the course“ Functional Anatomy ”,“ Myofascial chains ”on the basis of the Kinesio Training and Health Center, a fitness screening seminar (body as a biomechanical model, global and local assessment of the musculoskeletal system, compensation laws, principles for constructing classes taking into account client dysfunctions) in a professional school for the training of instructors, trainings "Yoga in the air for children", "Myofascial Elizabeth with a hammock ”,“ Fitness with a hammock ”, the seminar“ Psychosomatic correction with a hammock ”, the seminar“ Yoga mom + baby ”with the right to conduct group and individual classes (Certificates of the International Academy of Air Yoga), trainings“ Development of intuition and supernormal abilities ”,“ Healing Metaphors ”, self-healing workshops for an energy therapist, holistic psychologist, hypnotherapist, healer Anna Svet.

Work experience: 9 years, work experience: 7 years