Marina Medvedkova




Education: VSMU, BGUFK (Department of physical therapy).

Achievements: Winner and winner of the republican and urban volleyball competitions (1 rank). Certified instructor, participant of numerous conventions.

Courses / seminars:

2011 Classic massage, BGUFK
2012 Basic aerobics, Minsk.
2013-2014 Pilates 1, 2 level, Pilates Power, Minsk, Lithuania.
2014. Power-Maximum, Functional Training, Moscow
2014- 2016 Fitness contests "Grantello fitness festiva" l, "Seasons - Grantello," Seasons - Grantello "
2015 Tae- bo, Minsk
2015 Port de bras club system, SIGITA BAUSHITE, Lithuania
2016 Port de bras Introduction, Andrei Hudozhilov, Moscow
2016 Functional Flow Fitness, LadyFit, Maryan Di-Valentino, Italy
2017 Port de bras basic 1, Vladimir Snezhik, Moscow
2017. Fundamentals of applied kinesiology. Manual muscle testing. Sukhorukov O., Latvia.
2017. Features of training with pregnant women, Lyceum "Scientific Fitness", Moscow
2017 Conference on Applied Kinesiology with Prof. Vasilyeva, Moscow.
2018. A series of seminars in applied kinesiology. PC basics. Muscle-fascial chain of the lower extremities. Musculo-fascial chain of the upper extremities. Ligamentous bonds. Minsk
2018 Piloxing SSP, Leila Lacroix, France.
2018 "Taping in applied kinesiology", Krutov G., Moscow
2018 "Work in preparation and during pregnancy", "Recovery after childbirth", Gribanova A., Moscow
2018 "Training with regard to the analysis of the state of the musculoskeletal system", Oborin M., Moscow
2018 "Training for low back pain" Gribanova A., Moscow 2018. "Suspended training", Kurbatov M., Moscow
2018 "Nutrition with weight reduction." "Food at weight gain". Strelnikova E., Moscow
2018 Seminar series: "Work in violation of posture", "Upper limb", "Lower limb", Gorkovsky D., Moscow
2018 "TBS and buttocks", Semenov A., Moscow
2018 "Fitness - nutritionist", "Diet therapy for various diseases", Oksenyuk E., Togliatti.
2018 "The concept of movement", Zolotukhin E., Moscow.
2018-2019 A series of seminars: "Training for pain in the knee", "Foot and ankle", "Pelvic region", "Functional anatomy of the cortex", "Eccentric training", "Manual muscle testing", "Taping problem segments", Gorkovsky D., Moscow
2019 "Diet therapy in gynecology, dermatology, endocrinology", "Introduction to Nutrition", Oksenyuk E., Lastochnina M., Kholodova A., Prudnikova E. Tolyatti.
2019 "Stop", Semenov A., Moscow.

Training experience: 20 years, coaching experience: 10 years.