Olga Laguto

  • Group Instructor, personal trainer

“If you are going to one day create something great, remember: one beautiful day is today!”


Minsk State Linguistic University, translator-referent. Belarusian State University of Physical Education, Department of Wellness and Adaptive Physical Education, instructor-methodologist.


International presenter, participant of numerous international conventions, seminars and educational programs in the field of fitness and health-improving physical education, instructor-methodologist at the European school for training fitness instructors, lecturer, fitness consultant in weight correction programs.

Courses / seminars:

2006 Convention “Aqua Aerobics and Stable Strength”

2006-2007, 2010. World Class Convention “International Festival of Physical Culture and Sports @

2007, 2009 Seminar "Instructor of dance trends"

2008 Convention “Fitness Breakthrough"

2009 Port de Bras - Basic Level Session, Vladimir Snezhik

2009 Port de Bras - Intermediate Level Session, Vladimir Snezhik

2010 Port de Bras - Progression Level Session, Vladimir Snezhik

2010 Convention “Fitness Syndrome”

2011 Workshop "Nutrition and Health"

2013 Workshop "Fitness and Nutrition"

2014 Seminar “Stretching in the work of the instructor of group programs”

2014-2016 Seminar "Instructor-Aerobics"

2014-2016 Grantello Fitness School Convention

2014. Seminar "Functional training with a medical ball"

2015 Diploma International bodyART, instructor Level 1

2015 Workshop "Step for professionals, ll level"

2016. Seminar “Features of nutrition for sports”

2016. Workshop “Nutrition for overweight. Fat Burning

2016 Workshop "School Presenter"

2016 Workshop "Sales of personal training"

2016 - 2017 Eurofitness Weekend Convention

2017 Workshop “Step aerobics. Advanced level"

2017 Aqua Fiesta Convention

2017 Workshop “Stretching”

2018 Workshop "Diagnosis of posture, individual selection of exercises"

2018 Seminar “Manual-muscle testing”

2019 Workshop “Functional training with small equipment”

2019 Workshop “Step Pattern”

Training experience: 17 years, experience in coaching: 15 years.