Falcon Club Fitness announces an admission to the kids dance studio DANCE KAMPANI. The program of classes is developed by Yuliya Nikitina, professional Dance Teacher, focused on physical and dance development of children.
Price – 150 BYN/month

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The enrolment is open for 2 groups of up to 10 persons:
• Group 1 – Age 6 - 10
• Group 2 – Age 11 - 16
DANCE KAMPANI is a great opportunity to foster in a child from the very childhood: discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and creativity.
Falcon Fitness Club is equipped with a spacious hall for classes. Children will be able to demonstrate their skills during the end-of-the-season concerts and participate in the contests.
The DANCE KAMPANI philosophy is based on the innovative solutions and creative approach to training. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, the children will step by step learn new dance styles.
Training program:
The classes will be held 3 times a week:
• Group 1 (6 – 10 years) – MON and WED 16:00 – 17:30, SAT 15:00 – 16:30
• Group 2 (11 – 16 years) – TUE and THUR 18:00 – 19:30, SAT 17:00 – 18:30
Basic physical and choreography training:
• Classical dance
• Вody condition
• Stretching
Dance training:
• Contemporary
• Street jazz
• Show dance
• Jazz Modern
• Physical theatre

Yuliya Nikitina
Group fitness instructor in dance styles Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Tap Dance, Improvisation, Pilates, Stretching and Children’s Rhythmic Development. Yuliya Nikitina has extensive experience of working with children, which is very important in the training process. Attention and work with each and every child is a must of the training process in DANCE KAMPANI.
Education: Girne American University (Cyprus, Kyrenia), Department of Arts, Faculty of Dance.
The enrolment and formation of groups will be in the form of auditions (an open lesson from the teacher). Based on the results of the auditions, the enrolment in the groups is held depending on the child’s physical qualities, level of competence, musicality, and ability to remember the material. The system of assessment of the child’s skills and achievements will operate in DANCE KAMPANI, as well as a dance progress diary will be kept for parents. And a discount on the purchase of membership cards will be a nice bonus for parents.
Description of dance styles:
• Classical dance is the base, on which all other dance styles are created.
Future dancers will learn the correct position of the body, basic positions for arms and feet, adopt a correct posture.
• Stretching is a set of exercises, aimed at the development of stretching and flexibility, the muscle’s elasticity.
It is useful to maintain a correct posture of the growing organism.
• Physical theatre is a new dance style, where movements are used instead of a dialogue. A contact with spectators is established through dancing.
It is useful for development of imagination and removal of complexes. It liberates children and gives the possibility of self-expression.
• Contemporary dance is a combination of different styles, where the main element is improvisation, expression of feelings and emotions through dancing.
It is beneficial to the all-round development of the child and is good for health, both physically and emotionally.
• Street jazz is a mixture of different styles. This dance is free and always finds new forms.
After regular training, the emotional energy upgrade and the improvement of the body plasticity are observed.
• Show dance is a dance style, where various dance styles are mixed, such as jazz – funk, hip-hop, classical dance, modern jazz, etc. These classes will be very fun and interesting.
It is useful for the general physical development of the child and showing up his(her) creative potential.
• Jazz Modern is an exceptional dance style, which is based on jazz school and African motifs. Freedom and emotion combined with unlimited improvisation and broken movements.
It is useful for the development of the muscular and musculoskeletal system of the child, and it improves plasticity and musicality.
We will be glad to see you and your children in our Club. The membership card is purchased for a specified number of classes and is INDIVIDUAL (non-transferable).

To register: +375 44 770 15 89
6.30-23.00 – weekdays
8.00-22.00 – weekends