Since April 20, 2017, Falcon Club is launching a series of short squash tournaments for amateur players of all levels, which will be held every Thursday from 13.00 to 16.00 until August 31, 2017. .

The Falcon Club Tournament Series will help improve the skills of players playing. As soon as possible from the newcomers will make players with competitive experience. Will open an energetic squash for Minskers on the new side.

After the last tournament of the series and the total number of points, the best player among the women and the best player among the men will be awarded with the semi-annual Gold Squash cards.

The fee for the tournament participants is 15 BYN.
The refereeing will be conducted by the participating players (both players judge the next match) with the participation of the Falcon club coaches.

Terms of the tournament.

The tournament will be held on a mixed system depending on the number of participants with a draw of all the seats. All games will be played through the "best of five" system to 3 wins.

For participation in the tournament will be awarded points according to the scheme below:

First place - 6 points
Second place - 5 points
Third place - 4 points
Participation in the tournament - 2 points

Placement and scoring will be done separately for men and women.

To participate in the tournament, you must register on the site before 24-00 every Tuesday preceding the tournament.

Payment of the fee for participating in the tournament can be made at the reception of Falcon Club Fitness just before the start of the competition.