The bonus "– 5% for services" is provided to the constant guest of Falcon Club SPA only upon purchase of SPA- treatment and a condition that the constant guest brought the new guest who also purchased SPA- treatment. A person is considered a constant guest after the second visit of Falcon Club SPA.


The bonus "– 10% for services" is provided only to a birthday person on VIP SPA rental, SPA- treatments, single visits of an aqua thermal zone (on the day of birth , 3 days to and 3 days after a birthday) upon the presentation of a passport. Discount is applied on a joint account for all guests on the condition that the birthday person pays for it.

Bring the friend

The bonus "– 10% for services" is provided to the member of the club only on ReFit Card purchasing, after bringing the new guest to Falcon Club SPA who acquires the card of equivalent value (for example: the club member has a card for 12 months, respectively the new guest has to acquire the same card for 12 months). Each new client – 10%. This discount is summarized "with itself" and from a constant 10% club card discount.