Face treatments by Academie (France)

Bright and Shiny Skin (for special events) (90 mins) – 290 BYN

The treatment has a lymphatic drainage effect and shapes facial contours – swelling and bags under eyes go down, toxins release. As a result, you get a healthy looking complexion and a slight glow.

Royal Treatment (75 mins) – 270 BYN

The treatment has an exfoliating, soothing effect. It improves the blood circulation and сleanses the skin from comedones. Marine collagen ampule moisturizes, strengthens, and improves skin elasticity. Alginate mask helps to get rid of gravitational ptosis, improves absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Due to the procedure the best result is achieved- the skin looks healthy and rejuvenated.

Antistress (75 mins) – 270 BYN

The treatment has a relaxing, moisturizing effect. The skin-care therapy is beneficial for skin elasticity, tone and healthy look. The part of the program is face massage, which relaxes face, neck and head muscles, contours face oval and makes the tiredness melt away.

Detox (45 mins) – 250 BYN

The treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates the skin, improves blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Facial massage “Kobido” (90 mins) – 90 BYN

Kobido (Japanese massage technique) is fundamentally different to the traditional massage with it sweep-knock-pick techniques. Techniques like knocking, kneading, circular motions and smoothing and sweeping are applied softly in face, neck and in the muscles around the head.  Massage has a face-lifting effect, swelling and bags under eyes go down. Kobido massage has a drainage effect as a lymphatic system is activated. As a result of the massage the skin temperature gets higher and elimination of the toxins will be stimulated. Skin looks much more healthy and fresh.