Moroccan SPA-ritual «The Road to Dargiling. Tea ceremony – Green tea and Ginger»

  • This SPA-treatment combines the refined aroma of tea with hot energy of ginger. This treatment includes cleaning the body with black soap, exfoliation with salty gommage of green tea and ginger flavor. Application of a body mask Rassul and Karite oil with green tea and ginger aroma for a gentle, petted skin. Rassul - "Intellectual clay" of natural origin high in silicon, magnesium, luminescence, calcium, iron. It makes the skin silky smooth, gently cleanses, normalizes the condition of both oily and dry skin, tightens the enlarged pores. Next step is the stage of modeling, it is conducted in a favorable rhythm, relieves the body of tension and removes toxins. This is the most relaxing part of treatment. Modeling is performed on a hot stone or in the room on a regular sofa when it comes to classical massages.

    DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes

    PRICE: 250 BYN