Tennis and Squash Academy invites you to squash tournaments – FALCON CLUB MIXED TOURNAMENTS 2018 – 2019:


Regulations on the tournament:
Duration of the tournaments:
Falcon Club Mixed Tour I – November 03, 2018 (Saturday)
Falcon Club Mixed Tour II – February 02, 2019 (Saturday)
Falcon Club Mixed Tour III – May 11, 2019 (Saturdays)

Goals and objectives of the tournament:
• Increase the competitive skills of the players;
• Form the player’s endurance to play squash;
• Increase the knowledge of international rules of the game and refereeing;
• Promote a healthy lifestyle;

Venue of the tournament:
Falcon Club Tennis and Squash Academy
20 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk, Belarus
Falcon Club Sports and Entertainment Complex

Timing of the tournament:
The games start at 10.00

Participants of the tournament:
Players of any level can take part in the tournament.
Registration of participants to the tournament is held until 19-00 of the day preceding the tournament.

Judging the tournament:
The judging will be made by the participating players (the defeated pair judges the next match).

Terms and conditions of the tournament:
The tournament will be held on a mixed system, depending on the number of participants with the draw of all places (draw or group). All games will be held on the system best of five up to three (3) wins.
The games will be held on all courts: 4 MDF and 2 glass courts.
Seeding will be performed by the main referee of the tournament. The organizers of the tournament reserve the right to make a final decision when seeding the players at their discretion.
You can register for the tournament as a pair (M+W), which is determined in advance either individually or by drawing before the tournament, when the second in the pair player is determined from the list of registered players on the spot.
Games will be held as follows: a pair M1 and W1 plays against a pair M2 and W2. At first, W1 and W2 go to the court and play up to three (3) wins, then, M1 and M2 go to the court and also play up to three (3) wins. The winning pair is the pair, who wins in M and W. If the games are 1:1, then, the winner-take-all game is played up to two (2) wins. If 1:1 is again, the number of games won is considered, or henceforth, the winner is chosen based on the total points scored in the games.
Points of the Falcon Club rating system will be awarded for participation in the league according to the following scheme for each tournament: the number of points for the first place is equal to the number of pairs in this tournament and so on in descending order (for example, 16 pairs take part in the category: 16 points for the first place, the second place – 15 points, the third place – 14 points ... the sixteenth place – 1 point).

If a player is late:
A player, who is late for his/her match for more than 15 minutes, is considered defeated. Only by agreement with the opponent and the main referee, the match can be returned to the court, or its start is postponed.

Application deadlines:
To participate in the league, you must fill out an application form on the website before 19-00 of the day, preceding the start of the competition.
The players can pay for one-time participation in the tournament before the start of the competition at the Falcon Club Fitness reception.
The participants, who did not show up and did not cancel their applications (until 21.00 of the day, preceding the tournament), pay a fine of BYN 10 on their next visit to the Club.

Participation fee:
The participation fee for a pair is BYN 60;

Prizes of the tournament:
The winner of each tournament receives a guest visit to Falcon Club for two people.
After the last tournament of the season and counting the total points, the winners of Falcon Club Mixed Tour will be awarded special gifts from Falcon Club.

Controversial issues relating to the distribution of places:
Controversial issues will be resolved based on the results of head-to-head matches.
If the winner is not determined based on the matches, the winner will be the one, who lost fewer games during all the tournaments.

Medical insurance:
Each participant of the tournament is recommended to have medical insurance. The tournament organizers are not responsible for injuries and accidents received during the games.  

Ball of the tournament:
The official ball of short tournaments is Dunlop PRO.

Organizer of the tournament:
Falcon Club Sports and Entertainment Complex
Tel.: +375 44 770 15 92


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