From November 14, Tennis and Squash Academy will hold a big sale (-20%) of all squash club cards of. Choose a card at a special price for the period you need:

Club cards


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3 months

450 BYN

BYN 360 

BYN 90

6 months

820 BYN

BYN 656 

BYN 164

9 months

1100 BYN

BYN 880 

BYN 220

12 months

1440 BYN

BYN 1,152 

BYN 288

Club cards


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3 months

600 BYN

BYN 480

BYN 180

6 months

1000 BYN

BYN 800

BYN 200

9 months

1400 BYN

BYN 1,120

BYN 280

12 months

1800 BYN

BYN 1,440

BYN 360

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• Upon purchase of a relevant service: a one-to-one training session (a set of training sessions) for fitness, squash, and SPA services, club membership at Falcon Club, all Falcon Club members get the opportunity to visit other Falcon Club zones free of charge (gym, squash, aqua thermal zone of Falcon Club SPA);

• Unlimited visits to squash courts upon pre-registration:

SQUASH DAY: weekdays from 6:30 to 16:00 (last active time for courts reservation for one hour - 15:00) Weekends from 8:00 to 22:00 (last active time for courts reservation for one hour - 20:30).

SQUASH DAY PLUS: weekdays from 6:30 to 23:00 (last active time for courts reservation for one hour - 21:30) Weekends from 8:00 to 22:00 (last active time for courts reservation for one hour - 20:30)

• Participation in the Squash Falcon Club rating system;

• * Guest visits to the squash court area. A guest visit includes the Falcon Club Guest game on a squash court booked by a Falcon Club Member;

• * Guest visits to the Falcon Club. A guest visit includes a visit within 1 day to: all zones of Fitness Club and group training sessions on  schedule, the aqua thermal zone at Falcon Club SPA and Tennis and Squash Academy (tennis upon pre-registration for the period from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays, and from 8:00 to 16-00 at weekends);

• Card freeze time: 3 months - 7 days; 6 months - 15 days; 9 months - 20 days; 12 months - 30 days.

• Towel;

• Parking space in the parking garage;

• Privileges and discounts on Falcon Club additional services:

10% discount:

- on tennis and squash courts rental, equipment rental;

- on SPA services;

- on training sessions with a personal trainer and other services of Fitness Club (sets of training sessions do not apply);

- on tickets to Cinema Boutique (for 2 people for a film show);

- on the billed amount in the bars and cafes of the Complex (except for alcoholic beverages);

- on the services of the Children's Academy Baby Club +.

20% discount on the menu at Fornello restaurant (except for alcoholic beverages).

50% discount when using the services of Your Medical Partner for SQUASH DAY and SQUASH DAY PLUS club cards for 12 months.

* The number of guest visits depends on the duration of the club card: 3 months - 3 guest visits; 6 months - 6 guest visits; 9 months - 9 guest visits; and 12 months - 12 guest visits.

For more information call: +375 44 770 15 89 or ask at the reception of FALCON CLUB TENNIS AND SQUASH ACADEMY.

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