Falcon Club Tennis & Squash Academy is ready for summer and invites the players and amateurs of racquet sports to keep fit. Special hot offers for a one-time training session with a visit to the SPA and a membership card at the summer price grew ripe with the first hot weekends of June.

From 1st June to 31st August, you can also rent a tennis court with the possibility of visiting of the Water and Thermal Zone of Falcon Club SPA. Now you will be able to have an active work-out and then relax and recreate in the gallery of baths – it is a great way to recover after an intense game and to perfect your body. The cost of one visit is 40 BYN.

For balanced and regular training sessions, we offer a membership card for 10 visits to the courts at the cost of 300 BYN. You may buy the membership card on or before 10th August and use it until 31 August 2018.

Leave a request, and we will contact you

and book a membership card for you:

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Neither thunderstorms nor tiresome heat can stop playing a few games. A special climate control is maintained in the courts of Falcon Club Tennis & Squash Academy, where it is nice to play without being worried about the scorching sun or a sudden summer rain. Be free in the choice of time for a game in any weather!

If you have any questions please call: +375 44 770 15 86 or +375 44 770 15 72, +375 44 771 00 65